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Myk JL

Kickstarter: Axis Game Factory

By Myk JL, in Games,

Playstation Home Publisher Heavy Water has decided to make easy to use tools for making Games & Machinima.
I'll probably settle for donating $65 if I make a donation around the end of this month. Wish they had a cheaper version of "100% Complete Launch Pak" without a T-Shirt. (They should know better about the T Shirt thing since almost everyone on PS Home hates T-Shirts.)

Even if this Kickstarter reaches its Goal I highly doubt anyone using this will be allowed to publish on PS Home. On the other hand I would really hope we could.

Joystiq is reporting that the 1st Black Ops II DLC will be hitting January 29th thanks to a image circulating around reddit. The DLC will include 4 mutiplayer maps, 1 zombie map, and for the time in COD history, a new weapon will be introduced post release. Check out the image below!


THQ declares bankruptcy

By Sledgstone, in Games,

THQ declared bankruptcy last week and is in the process of being purchased by an equity firm. Looks like the THQ humble bundle was a quick cash grab for the company to raise its stock price and to help with the massive debt the company is in. Good news is that the company will continue to support its titles and have not announced any game cancellations.


God of War: Ascension

By Sledgstone, in Games,

As many of you know, God of War is introducing mutiplayer in God of War: Ascension. I haven't looked into it at all until now. Basically you create a new warrior. Choose one of 4 gods to align yourself with, and with leveling up you unlock new weapons, armor, magic, items and relics. Their website is pretty vague with details but the beta will start January 8th, 2013 for playstation plus members.
The only game mode revealed so far is "Team favor rush"
From the looks of the video above, I'm guessing one of the objectives might be killing that chained titan. But it makes me wonder if that means one team will defend the titan or if it will be a team competition to see who can kill it first.
How quickly people die and the re-spawn time will be very interesting to see in the beta. Same with game balancing. Seeing as a 4x4 match is a small amount of players, one new guy could really screw a team when going against 4 people that know what they're doing.
Has anyone pre-ordered this game? Or are you looking forward to the God of War multiplayer?

Now that we are using new software, one of the important things is to know how to use it. While IPB is pretty user friendly, I'll go over a couple features that may not be noticeable right away. Here are some quick and easy shortcuts:
1) When you log in, the "View New Content" link at the top right of the screen is the easiest way to see what new content has been added since your last visit or over a set period of time. Once you are on this screen you can use the other links on the left side to choose what kind of content you want to see and by what time period:

2) This little star icon indicates that this is a topic that you have participated in. The regular circles are topics you have not created or replied to:

3) All of these links will take you to the first post you have not yet read:

4) These links will take you to the last post in the topic:

5) If you hover over a topic, you will see this icon, it allows you to see a preview of that topic:

6) This is the topic preview:

7) If you hover over a username anywhere on the site, it will show you a profile card that has quick links to that User's profile, their gallery, blog, send a private message, etc.

As of last night, status updates are no longer viewable to guests or new members. You must be a full member to view all status updates, the shoutbox, the chat room, profiles and to use the search feature.
I also added a tag list to the forum sidebar and Recent Posts (not recent topics, I'm looking into setting up both) are now located on the main page. This should be useful for the mobile theme as it will now show recent posts on the main page before showing new articles.

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    • DeathscytheX

      The two best anime this season so far are Goblin Slayer and SSSS.Gridman. Goblin Slayer caused a huge uproar over its first ep.. which honestly is stupid. Plenty of acclaimed anime have had an uncomfortable rape scene. A heavily censored scene that took up all of 10 seconds of the episode. However, whether intended or not, it got everyone talking about it. After that, it resumed as a normal but violent anime. It also wasn't random, it established the goblin's as pure evil. SSSS.Gridman is your standard over the top Trigger mecha anime... but it starts out off the rails. I don't see how they can get much more bat shit crazy. That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, Zombie Land SAGA, and Double Decker: Doug and Kirill have all been fun and quirky though. Overall I'm enjoying this season even if I'm skipping on a few of the shows.
      · 2 replies
    • Sledgstone

      I got my new fridge hooked up over the weekend. Built in water and ice maker is amazing. I never realized how convenient that really is. Thanks goes out to the inlaws and aunt for the amazing gift. 
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    • Sledgstone

      This super white default theme is bugging my eyes. x_x I was busy all week/weekend again doing insulation work on the house. Couple that with a power and internet outage last week and all my free time keeps getting sucked away. I have a new fridge and dishwasher getting delivered this weekend so I'll be a bit busy with that. Especially since I don't know if the electric is actually hooked up correctly for the dishwasher outlet. I keep trying to play a bit of God of War at night and I end up pausing it and walking away to get more crap done.  ugh.. I need more free time. I'm tapped out almost all of my vacation too. I have a few days left scheduled for the end of the year. Maybe I'll be able to play that new episode of GW2 by then.
      · 1 reply
    • Sledgstone

      Black friday sales started early so I bought a 4k HDR 50 inch samsung tv. I'm pleased with it. The blacks this tv gets still blows my mind. I doubt I'll buy a PS4pro, but in the mean time my regular PS4 has HDR.. but I only have one game that actually takes advantage of it and thats Uncharted 4. I don't think I'll be replaying it any time soon just to see the graphical difference, but regardless this tv upscales like a champ. Everything looks significantly better. Thats a hell of a lot better upscaling than blu ray players do for dvds. Its a night and day difference.
      I put on Rise of the Tomb Raider last night and Battlefield 1 and the quality is top notch. Game mode works with HDR for this tv, so I can put on game mode for reduced input lag which is nice without affecting quality. It also has bitstream audio pass through which works great with my old receiver for surround sound.
      The tv has Motion rate 120 instead of true 120 hz refresh rate which I didn't know was a different thing when I was buying the tv. But thats ok, I doubt the PS5 when it eventually comes out will even come close to 60 fps at 4k and my current pc graphics card will no way in hell do any better than 60 fps at 4k so I'm pretty much set for future proofing at the moment.. at least for the next 4-5 years probably. And motion rate 120 is a bit nuts. I had to turn the judder down on that. It makes everything so fluid its like everything was filmed like a soap opera.  I never realized more fps on a movie would look so different.  But the biggest downside is for animated titles. It cause a bit too much of a blur effect as the tv basically fills in the games to increase the fps.. its not good for animated shows.
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    • Sledgstone

      R.I.P. Stan Lee. You will be missed.
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