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According to El Mayimbe over at Latino Review (via Ain't it cool news), Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movies! According to El Mayimbe, he is to return as Han Solo in the upcoming movies and that is plural! This news implies that the new movies will take place years after the original trilogy and possibly focus on Han and Leia's jedi children. Seeing as Harrison Ford is 70 years old, I'm assuming his adult children will be played by actors in their 30s. Whether or not Disney/Lucasfilms will base any of these movies off the novels is still up in the air, but if they did, then they might take place after the The New Jedi Order series.
Of course there is always a possibility that Harrison Ford could reprise his role as a young Han Solo thanks to Lucasfilm's CGI team, but as a voice actor I don't see that happening. Harrison Ford sounds noticeably different now compared to his earlier years, so it looks like he will play his older self in the new movies.

By Sledgstone, in Movies,

This movie appears to be a kind of remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but with a love story? I was interested in this until I saw that it is from the author of the Twilight Books. It might still be good, but the overall plot may not be what I want from a movie. I'm sure there are others that will probably love it. What do you think based on the trailer?

In this tutorial I will explain how the Auto Save works in the editor and how to change the wallpaper and secondary color of the entire site.

First off, "Auto Saved Content"

1) Sometimes you'll be making a giant post and something happens.. you lost it. You closed the tab you were replyin in. But don't worry just yet. There is a good chance the editor has Auto Saved your post! Every couple minutes or so the editor will auto save your post for that specific topic. Lets say I typed the following and in another tab I'm looking up some info and then I accidentally closed the tab with my post in it.


2) To see if your post is still saved. Go back to that topic and load the editor at the bottom of the page. Do not start typing anything! First, check to see if you have "Auto Saved Content", if you do, then you should be ok. Click on the link that is circled in the image.

3) Once you click on the link, you'll see the content has been saved. Once you click "Restore Content" you will see your post has been restored and you can continue where you left off.

Next, I will explain how to change your secondary color and wallpaper. The secondary color is mostly visible in the Light theme, but it does show some changes if used along with a partially transparent wallpaper.
1) Click the tools at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2) It will pop up the color and wallpaper selections.

3) If you click the top part with the hand you will get a color selector. Try some different colors or put in the hex code of the color you want. You can also select some different wallpaper tiles.

4) Lets say you uploaded a wallpaper to our "Random Wallpapers" gallery or you would like to use a wallpaper that has already been uploaded by someone else. Go to the image you want to use and right click on the image. As you will see in this pic, the default windows right click menu shows up, but so does our gallery right click menu. You will want to click on the gallery menu to see it.

5) You will now want to right click on "Direct link to this image file" and then click "Copy Link Location"

6) Now go back to your skin tool menu and right click and paste the link to the wallpaper into the custom background area and then click on "Change"

7) Now that you are done, click on the tools again to close the menu.

8) And thats it!


Last year Comcast Corporation purchased 51% of NBC Universal, today they have purchased the rest of it from GE for $16.7 Billion. Comcast will also own a 31% stake in Hulu to go along with the huge acquisitions under the NBCU umbrella like SyFy, USA, Bravo, and E!. One has to question how this is even legal for a cable company to own major programing networks, and how it could affect their competitors.
Here is a full list of NBCUniversal divisions:
NBC News
G4 (Esquire)
NBC Sports
Universal Pictures
Universal Parks & Resorts
Golf Channel
The Weather Channel
Focus Features
For more Info on this story check the link below:
Comcast to Acquire General Electric's 49% Common Equity Ownership Interest in NBCUniversal
Comcast Will Buy the Other 49-Percent of NBCUniversal for $16.7 Billion

According to a report by Asahi Shimbun (a Japanese newspaper) - referenced from Daily Mail the new Playstation 4 could cost as little as 40,000 Yen when it is released later this year. 40,000 Yen equals £270 and for us in the US, about $430. This is a huge difference in price compared to the large $599.99 price tag the PS3 started out at almost 7 years ago when it debuted.


Obsidian Entertainment, makers of KOTOR II, has pitched an idea to Lucasarts to make a new Star Wars RPG focusing on Obi-Wan Kenobi. The story would take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. When asked about it, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart had this to say:

“We pitched a between-Episode III and Episode IV game [to LucasArts]. Because we think that timeframe is super interesting. It’s the fall of the Republic, the extermination of the Jedi, it’s Obi-Wan going off and making sure Luke is OK. You have the Sith, but you have the extermination of all Force users except for very, very few. So it was an interesting time to set a game, and you know, Chris Avellone came up with a really cool story.”

“We also latched onto it because it has elements people remember, but not the stories. It can just completely not involve [the movies]. It can tease them, but nothing else.”

Disney has previously stated that it will focus more on mobile and social media games, but Urquhart thinks he can convince them otherwise. However, he does acknowledge that the lack of KOTOR II's success will make this idea a hard sell.

For a full report, check out the link below:

New Republic: Obsidian Actively Pitching More Star Wars

After reading:
I fully understand how KOTOR II got screwed over by time constraints. I'd like to see Obsidian get another shot at this.


In response to rampant rumors of a Yoda movie, Walt Disney Pictures CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the studio is looking to create stand alone Star Wars films independent of the new trilogy that focus on specific characters from the overall Star Wars universe. To watch the CNBC intervew click the link below:

CNBC: Disney Plans Stand-Alone Star Wars films


Info from Star Wars official website.

One of the standalone films will be written by Lawrence Kasdan, screenwriter of The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and co-writer of Return of the Jedi while the other will be penned by Simon Kinberg, writer of Sherlock Holmes and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The movies will be separate from the upcoming Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, on which Kasdan and Kinberg are also consulting, and are expected to be released sometime after Episode VII. Each standalone film will focus on a specific character, and two spinoff films are currently confirmed.

UPDATE 2: is reporting that the first two stand-alone films will Focus on Boba Fett and Young Han Solo. The Boba Fett film will take place within the timeline of A New Hope and Empire Stirkes Back, while the Solo film will be based of the 1979 Brain Daley Novel 'Han Solo at Star's End' which takes place 2 years before A New Hope.

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      Tried the Monster Hunter Wold beta after the guys I played Destiny with kept hyping it up... eh. Its not for me. The controls are funky, and the explanation of what I was suppose to be doing wasn't very good. I just beat down a monster until it died? I thought I was suppose to be capturing it? I was expecting a finishing move prompt, or a QTE, for a death blow, but it just seemed anti-climatic. Then it sent me to the "Coming Jan 2018, would you like to Pre-Order?" in which I said no and got sent back to the main menu. At this point I knew I wasn't going to try the more difficult quests if I have to go through all that each time, rather staying in the game world and picking another quest that way. I never played a Monster Hunter game before, I always thought they looked neat, but playing it myself left me uninspired.
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      BoTW took Game of the Year award and its well deserved, but I'm also glad NieR: Automata got best musical score, because its very well deserved.
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      Bestbuy and Amazon had some good deals on movies yesterday. Got 9 recent releases on blu ray for about $50. And I got a 4tb western digital external hard drive from bestbuy for $79.
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      IFC had a Three Stooges marathon on Thanksgiving. After we ate, we watched that the rest of the day. I haven't laughed that hard for that long in a long time. Good stuff.
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      My PC had an update and restart only option last night. I had no idea there was another 'creators update' for windows 10. It was the 'fall creators update'. Damn thing took over an hour to install and reset numerous times. And apparently I have a 'windows feature update' that I still have to do. I guess I should check my nvidia drivers and update them today too. I've been having some windows 10 crashes lately so hopefully this update will fix that.
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