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By Sledgstone, in Games,

Battlefield updated their website today as a teaser to the official game reveal on March 27, 2013. Their website is displayed as a window that is fogged over and covered with moisture. With a little mouse work you can partially reveal what appears to be an IFV. Aside from the words "The more fans who log in, the more we'll reveal" there really isn't anything revealed just yet.

Square Enix is planning on releasing the HD remakes of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 later this summer. I'm assuming these two games will get an official release date at E3.
The HD remake versions will be based off the international versions that never made it to North America release. Final Fantasy X International features additional bosses and an Expert Sphere Grid option. Final Fantasy X-2 International has additional missions, two new dresspheres and new combat options.
While the PS3 will get both games in a bundle, it appears as though the two games will be sold separately for the PlayStation Vita.
Reference: Siliconera

"Injustice: Gods Among Us" will be coming out on April 16, 2013. With the recent surge of youtube videos being released for this game it does look like a solid 2.5D fighter.

I haven't played a 2D fighter in a long time. But this game is sparking my interest because of the interactive environments, including whats in the background (hence 2.5D). However after watching this video of Doomsday vs. Shazam, I really don't understand how 1/2 of the characters in the game's roster could even stand a chance against the heavy weights.

List of characters:

Wonder Woman
The Flash
Harley Quinn
Solomon Grundy
Green Arrow
The Joker
Lex Luthor
Green Lantern
And heres a good video showing off the environment in use:

Ancient Clan now has Snack Reviews! Only a few at this point, but we will be adding more. If you are a regular member please feel free to create a blog and post your own snack reviews. Use your blog for anything you want to post about, but for snack reviews make sure to use the "Snacks" tag in your post to make sure it shows up in our tag link.

With all of Lucasart's game projects on hold while the company sorts out its new Disney owners, games like 1313 and a rumored new Battlefront 3 could be on the chopping block. It would seem that some of Lucasart's developers are intentionally leaking images and footage of an FPS that was suppose to be downloadable for XBL Arcade. Star Wars: First Assault looks like a Halo/COD mash up with a Star Wars skin. The game is suppose to feature 8 on 8 battles with Storm Troopers vs. Rebel Fighters. With its future in limbo there is no doubt this move is to gauge interest. There is also talk that the game's sales were going to determine if there would be a Battlefront 3. Check out the brief footage above.
Screen shots:
(Update) Video removed by Lucasfilms. New video up while it lasts.

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    • DeathscytheX

      Tried the Monster Hunter Wold beta after the guys I played Destiny with kept hyping it up... eh. Its not for me. The controls are funky, and the explanation of what I was suppose to be doing wasn't very good. I just beat down a monster until it died? I thought I was suppose to be capturing it? I was expecting a finishing move prompt, or a QTE, for a death blow, but it just seemed anti-climatic. Then it sent me to the "Coming Jan 2018, would you like to Pre-Order?" in which I said no and got sent back to the main menu. At this point I knew I wasn't going to try the more difficult quests if I have to go through all that each time, rather staying in the game world and picking another quest that way. I never played a Monster Hunter game before, I always thought they looked neat, but playing it myself left me uninspired.
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    • DeathscytheX

      BoTW took Game of the Year award and its well deserved, but I'm also glad NieR: Automata got best musical score, because its very well deserved.
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    • Sledgstone

      Bestbuy and Amazon had some good deals on movies yesterday. Got 9 recent releases on blu ray for about $50. And I got a 4tb western digital external hard drive from bestbuy for $79.
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    • DeathscytheX

      IFC had a Three Stooges marathon on Thanksgiving. After we ate, we watched that the rest of the day. I haven't laughed that hard for that long in a long time. Good stuff.
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    • Sledgstone

      My PC had an update and restart only option last night. I had no idea there was another 'creators update' for windows 10. It was the 'fall creators update'. Damn thing took over an hour to install and reset numerous times. And apparently I have a 'windows feature update' that I still have to do. I guess I should check my nvidia drivers and update them today too. I've been having some windows 10 crashes lately so hopefully this update will fix that.
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