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In a not too surprising announcement, Paramount Pictures has confirmed today that Shia Labeouf will be joining the cast of TMNT in the role of Casey Jones. He will play opposite of Megan Fox (April O'Neil).
For those unfamiliar with TMNT, Casey Jones wears a hockey mask and cut-off biking gloves and carries his weapons in a golf bag over his shoulder. His weapons include baseball bats, golf clubs, cricket bats, and hockey sticks. He is a master of stealth, as he has never been caught by the NYPD despite his bizarre appearance. In most installments, he appears as a love interest for April O'Neil.
Along with producer Michael Bay, this will mark the first time all three have worked together on a movie since Transformers 2.
As for me, I have no interest in watching this abomination. These 3 individuals will not be happy unless they have ruined every aspect of my childhood.
April Fools!

Why would he purposefully want to de-mutant himself? To live a normal life and die an old man? He is the kind of guy that gets into a fight just because he woke up. Maybe everything was too easy for him and wanted to handicap himself?
This does look better than the Wolverine Origins movie. Although I am surprised I didn't notice any major mutant enemies. With Wolverine battling against hordes of enemies this could be the basis of a new action game.
THQ makes a return to the Humble Bundle site in this weekly sale.

For $1 you can get:
Soundtrack included.
Red Faction: Armageddon
Soundtrack and Path to War DLC included.
Beat the average:
Darksiders II
Soundtrack included.
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Even though the first two games were already included in the original THQ Humble Bundle, you can get the sequels for these by beating the average price.

Starting April 2nd, Borderlands 2 will receive a pretty sizable amount of new content. A new psycho bandit character 'Krieg' will mark the first time players will be able to see through the eyes of an enemy they are use to fighting against. The level cap will be increased from 50 to 61 for everyone that has the season pass, or it can be purchased for $4.99/800 MS points. A third playthrough dubbed "Vault Hunter Plus" will also be added free of charge to all players. This even more difficult mode is undoubtedly for players that want to play beyond level 50 as well as to drive sales for the cap increase. Making VHP free, but not the cap increase will probably receive a lot of flak from players that do not like DLC, but until the day DLC sales suffer, (which is unlikely anytime in the near future) marketing tactics like these will be the standard.