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Here is the E3 presentation for gameplay in The Dark Zone. The Division will be out March 18th 2016.

I'm curious if the anything goes mentality will limited to this zone, or if its an option you can turn off to turn on your own team. As excited as I am for this game, this is a big turn off... especially of the Dark Zone contains the best loot in the game. It will be like Destiny, where only the really close knit best teams will have all the good loot, and you will be stuck with subpar loot because you don't have enough trust worthy people to play with. While Ubisoft's CEO said you can do everything in this game solo... that doesn't change the fact that in this Dark Zone, you may encounter a team of 2 or more that can take your stuff because you are solo. I'm hoping for Watchdog like options to prevent this from happening.

By DeathscytheX, in Games,
Bethesda just revealed their reboot of DOOM. Check out the gameplay footage here! *spoiler alert* Chainsaw action at the end.