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Someone at Konami accidentally posted the MGS5 trailer to their official YouTube channel the day before E3 kicks off... It has since been taken down and there is no telling how long this one may last, but one thing we all want to know is: WTF? IS THAT A REX PROTOTYPE?!

While it lasts, here is the leaked, in depth trailer for Battlefield Hardline. This will be the first Battlefield title that isn't made by DICE. Instead, Visceral will take the helm and try to breath much needed life into the series less than stellar solo campaigns. While DICE works on Star Wars: Battlefront, Visceral will move the BF series away from the overly used modern warfare setting and hit the urban streets of law enforcement and the world of crime.

When I first heard it was going to be about Cops, I cringed hard thinking how terrible that sounded. But looking at these fresh new game modes, I'm pretty interested in it. Its like PAYDAY: The Heist using Frostbite 3. The campaign looks like it might be pretty good too. It could be the right move, because as amazing as BF4 is, you can only do so many games of the same theme.

I have a feeling that this movie will probably be the best Michael Bay can do with Tranformers. Hopefully he'll stop making them after this movie. Aliens are killing all humans.. and its up to Optimus to be resurrected (by Mark Wahlburg), jump onto a dinosaur and then save all of humanity. This trailer reminds me of the Jesus riding a dinosaur meme.

As a person who actually paid $60 for this game when it first came out, this pisses me off. The game I paid for was buggy as hell, broken missions, had numerous server issues issues and even server queues. Over the past year Trion has finally fixed all the issues and made the game a complete product.. a product that I should have received a year ago. What I really believe is that Trion planned on the game going Free-to-Play from the beginning and everyone that paid the initial $60 basically crowd-funded this game to completion. In the end I look back and I can see that what I paid for was an early unfinished product that was in a beta for a year until they got enough in game purchase options available and DLC out to make the game free to play and still make money off a new possible flood of customers.
If you have not played the game before, I do recommend it. It'll be great to play once a week during Defiance Season 2 as there will be new cross over content, weekly episode missions and the entire core game campaign will be completely free. What I do not recommend is buying any of the DLC. I never bought them, but I know someone who has and its definitely not worth the money. I'll play Defiance again for season 2 and a possible season 3 of the Syfy show, but I will not buy another Trion Worlds, Inc. game. If they ever make another game and plan on charging for it, don't bother as it will most likely be a beta for a year and you'll get it free when its actually worth a damn.

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    • DeathscytheX

      Just finished season 1 of Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. I enjoyed it, but man I can't help but notice the parallels with Gundam Wing. A young female working for peace, a semi-emotionless male pilot, an antagonist that disguises himself with a mask in a red mobile suit? Eh, maybe I'm looking too much into it, there are more differences than similarities. Since CN has the broadcast rights, I hope Funi eventually gets season 2 on stream... its the only Gundam they have. I will say I'm not the biggest fan of the designs on this one. I liked Gusion and EB-AX2, but that was about it.
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    • Strider Hiryu

      Fucking hell that was a ride. Just finished watching Steins;Gate and I have to say its an amazing show. I finally understand why people love it so much. Characters are pretty interesting (pretty bland and stereotypical but none-the-less interesting), story is completely bonkers (we're talking Serial Experiments Lain and Boogiepop Phantom levels of bonkers) and amazing, and the sheer emotional ride this puts you through is both terrifying and exciting.
      Sure it starts out pretty slow but once you get to the halfway mark it seriously starts moving at an intense pace. I normally don't praise anime this much but this is truly a great show, almost a masterpiece if I've ever seen one (probably one of the only shows I have rated at 10 on MAL that actually deserves the rating for all the right reasons, not just pure enjoyment). I highly recommend watching it if you haven't, it's definitely worth the time investment (and I'll admit it's not for everyone but if you want a show that tears your emotions to shreds and makes you think this is definitely one for you).
      Seriously can't wait for Steins;Gate 0 to start airing on Thursday (really hope CR has the simulcast for it). Now I just need to find time to watch the movie and the OVA before it starts. Also need to hope the VN this is based off of goes on sale on Steam so I can see the actual story that wasn't adapted for the anime (and to see all the other endings).
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    • DeathscytheX

      I caught up on Overlord's season 2 simuldub. So far it's entertaining but all over the place. There isn't as much action so far which is disappointing. All these characters are so OP, but that was what was great about season 1. Especially since Ainz vs. Shalltear was an amazing finale with two ultra OP characters going at it like a chess game. However I figure everything happening now is leading up to something bigger. They're spending more time world building in season 2 in which they did very little of in season 1. Plus season 3 was ordered. People can say what they want about Funi, but I bet there are some series out there that would have never been renewed past it's first season 6-8 years ago. Props to netflix too even though their series are hit and miss. I finished A.I.C.O. Incarnation last night, while it didn't blow me away, I enjoyed it.. same goes for ID-0. It's come a long way from Toonami, spending days downloading stuff off Limewire and torrents, or staying up til 4am in hopes Sci-Fi played Akira or Vampire Hunter D
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    • DeathscytheX

      So far Netflix is 1 for 3 on their new series. Sword Gai was ok, but it was more like a GARO/Guyver type clone. B: The Beginning could have been better written. Maybe its the story structure that is throwing me off as they are definitely more western in flow. I'll probably watch both for another season. Children of the Whales was pretty enjoyable and my favorite of the three. I definitely look forward for its most definite second season. It was pretty charming in a Studio Ghibli way. 
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    • Sledgstone

      I ordered a new router, its an AC1900. It should be coming in the mail today. It'll be a big upgrade over the crappy very low end belkin router I've been using for 2 years. Maybe that steam link I bought over a year ago will actually work wirelessly now. That thing is a nice concept but ended up being pointless for me unless it has a wired connection. Instead I stream all my games to my laptop which works alot better. Maybe this router will improve that connection and fix some of the blockiness I get, especially while streaming netflix at the same time.
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